Summary: The Upper Coachwood Falls along the Rosewood Creek Track is an unofficial waterfall, where the creek plunges off a wide ledge before being forced through a deep channel.

Located along the Rosewood Creek Track, the Upper Coachwood Falls is an interesting waterfall where Rosewood Creek has carved a deep channel into the bedrock.

Upper Coachwood Falls

Although the waterfall is only a few metres high, you get a sense of the power of the water as it tumbles over a wide ledge and is forced through the narrow channel.

Upper Coachwood Falls

Getting to the Upper Coachwood Falls

The Rosewood Creek Track starts at the Never Never Picnic Area, in Dorrigo National Park. You’ll reach the Upper Coachwood Falls after about 2.4km if walking in a clockwise direction (although I’d recommend walking anti-clockwise). The entire circuit is 6.2km.

Drive along Dome Road from the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, just off Waterfall Way, for about 15min (9.3km) to get to the Never Never Picnic Area and carpark. The road is partly unsealed but suitable for all vehicles. It’s about 1:15min drive from Coffs Harbour, and six hours north of Sydney.

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