Summary: Constructed in 1883 and one of the historic trigs in Sydney's north, the Vize Trig is partly destroyed, with about half of its rock cairn remaining.

Well before the construction of any trig stations in NSW, in 1829 Assistant Surveyor William Romaine Govett led a survey from One Tree Hill (now Mobbs Hill) in Carlingford, following ridges to a point where he could see “a peculiar rock Rock or Mound near the Sea Coast”. The rock was Lion Island, seen from where Vize Trig would be built just over fifty years later. (Govett continued another two kilometres until reaching steep cliffs, which is near where the Lloyd Trig is now located).

The partly destroyed trig station now lies in the shadow of a large water reservoir, which has a newer trig on the top (TS3550 R BYWATER). There’s no longer any views from the trig station.

The rock cairn or base of the Vize trig is damaged, with the wooden mast lying on top of the rocks. The condition of the historic trig station is gradually deteriorating, with photos from a few years ago showing the mast upright and the rock cairn slightly higher.

Getting to Vize Trig station

As with the nearby Lloyd Trig, the Vize Trig is inside Muogamarra Nature Reserve, which is normally open for six weekends a year over August-September (booking required). The trig can be reached by following a service trail off the North Muogamarra Field Studies Trail, which is the main road into Muogamarra off the Pacific Highway, in Cowan.


Vize Trig Station

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