Summary: Sandy Trig is one of the best preserved (and most easily reached) trig stations in the north of Sydney.

An impressively well-preserved trig station, Sandy Trig is located in a small reserve in Duffys Forest, between residential properties.

“Another station that might have been expected to succumb to the pressure of development is Sandy trig at Duffys Forest. Fortunately, the residential lots in that area are large and although Sandy is surrounded by private properties it survives in its original form and appears to be regard with some affection by those living nearby.” 

Tony Dawson, Guide to Trigonometrical Stations of Sydney’s North
Sandy Trig

The mast and vanes are in perfect condition, with the nameplate still attached to the mast (above the nameplate, an arrow is cut into the mast.

AWAT1486 LR Sandy Trig

Getting to Sandy Trig station

This is an easy trig station to reach… park on Weemala Road in Duffy Forest, near the end. The trig station is about 40m from the road, near the fence of a residential property.


Sandy Trig

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