Top Hiking Books & Guides

This is by no means a definitive guide to hiking books and guides. The list represents the guidebooks I’ve researched, purchased and used. Most I would recommend for the places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit and hike in – I’ve rated each based on how useful I found it. (Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.)


A few of my favourite hiking stories…

A great read (much better than the movie!) Amazon US / AU

A fascinating tale of a journey across Borneo.
Amazon US / AU

Entertaining read about wha not to do! Amazon US / AU

Around the World

Some of these are more coffee-table books or make a great present for a hiker… and they provide some ideas and inspiration. But they’re not a book you’d use to plan a hike.

5/5. Short and long hikes across over 100 countries. Amazon US / AU 5/5. Clever selection of walks that connect you to the past. Amazon US / AU 5/5. Focuses on the most iconic trails across 38 countries. Amazon US / AU


There are surprisingly few books that cover bushwalks across Australia – and many are no longer in print. Most books cover the same core set of “classic” walks, so try and get hold of one of the three options below…

5/5. Out of print. Fantastic resource. 72 walks across Australia. Worth trying to find a used copy. Amazon US / AU
4/5. Getting dated. Covers 25 walks, most of them well-known.

5/5. A mix of 50+ short and multi-day walks across Australia. Amazon US / AU

Australia – NSW

5/5. One of the few covering the entire state. Over 140 walks with photos & maps. Amazon US / AU

5/5. Short, long and multi-day walks across 16 national parks. Good notes and maps. Amazon US / AU
09599160755/5. 93 walks, many not documented elsewhere. Basic maps. There’s also Vol 2.
5.5. A range of walks from short to long (89 walks)

65 walks, mostly short ones. Great summary of walks. Detailed track notes.
Amazon US / AU

5/5. Covers many lesser-known swimming holes that are reached via a bushwalk. Amazon US / AU

Australia – Tasmania

5/5. 67 walks, including multi-day routes. Maps. 
Amazon US / AU

4/5. 40 walks, all day walks. Maps. May be out of print.

3/5. Out of print. Lots of walks; dated format

Australia – Victoria

There’s surprisingly few bushwalking guides in print – at least one of the three I refer to regularly has become hard to find.

5/5. Huge range of walks from a respected bushwalker.
Amazon AU only
Day Walks Victoria Book Cover

5/5. 96 walks with a useful walk summary and good maps. Day walks only.

Image result for 120 walks in victoria tyrone
4/5. Dated format and hard to find – but a great resource. Maps are very basic.
  • Discovering the Prom – a great resource for Wilsons Promontary National Park, covering all of the day and multi-day walks. 5/5

Australia – Queensland

The Take a Walk book is the best of the bunch, covering a fairly large area around Brisbane. If you’re going further north, 50 Walks in North Queensland has a wide selection of walks.

5/5. Over 2000km of walks from the NSW border to Fraser Island.

4/5. Lots of walks; maps very basic. Amazon US / Bogong Equipment AU

Image result for secrets of the scenic rim
3/5. Detailed guidefor walking & climbing; track notes are not very clear
  • Fraser Island Atlas and Guide (Hema Maps). Everything you need for visiting the island, including desciptions of many walks. 5/5. Out of print.

Australia – NT & WA

There’s not a lot of choice when it comes to bushwalking in the Northern Territory or WA, despite some fantastic long-distance trails…

Image result for take a walk northern territory
5/5. Another great book in the series – available as an e-book only

3/5. 40 short walks in the south-west of WA (no maps)

3/5. 40 short walks around Perth. Amazon US / AU
  • Larapinta Trail (John & Lyn Chapman). Cover the entire length as well as breaking down the 231km track into smaller day walks and overniugh sections. 5/5. Amazon US only

New Zealand

There’s a few really useful books on New Zealand hiking, or tramping… Lonely Planet covers all the well-known and many less-known overnight books. The Day Walks in NZ book is almost coffee-table quality, and has lots of short walk suggestions across the breadth of NZ.

5/5. Comprehensive guide to multi-day walks, including all the “classics”. Amazon US / AU

5/5. A collection of 100 shorter walks, with photos, maps and descriptions.
Amazon US only

4/5. Useful guide for the Great Walks – but most info is available on-line. Amazon US / AU


The Cicerone Guide is the pick of all the Norway hiking guides, especially if you are looking at some of the longer trails.

5/5. Comprehensive guide with focus on longer (multi-day) walks. Amazon US / AU

2/5. A collection of multi-day walks in the south and middle. Some general advice on hiking in Norway.
Amazon US only

5/5. If not available on-line, can be found locally. Fantastic book with over 60 walks and great maps. Amazon US only

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This site also participates in the affiliate programs of selected outdoor and hiking web sites.

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