A significant site, located near Bulgandry, which contains many Aboriginal engravings in a small but complex site.

This site doesn’t officially have a name; for convenience I’ve called it “Bulgandry 2”, as it’s another significant and complex engraving site located not too far from the signposted Bulgandry Aboriginal Site. It was described effusively by W.D. Campbell: “The whole group is particularly well drawn, and presents one of the best samples of this native art that the Writer has met with”. On the way to the main site is a whale on a large outcrop.

This engraving was documented by both W.D. Campbell (Plate 27, Fig 6) and later by Ian Sim (Group 163, Series 1). The carving is quite worn, and the lower fin is no longer visible (photo below right is a false colour composite image by Sydney Rock Art).

A bit further is the main site, which has a many overlapping figures on a relatively small rock platform, with a deep waterhole in the middle. It was also documented by Sim (Group 163, Series 3) and in much more detail by Campbell (Plate 28, Figures 2 and 3).

As well as overlapping each other, many of the figures traverse a large whale which is at the centre of the site: “The central one [section] has a whale twenty-five feet long, and a large sunfish with nearly sixteen feet spread of fins. Within this figure a circle is cut, and around the northern and western sides of these principal figures are grouped “intricate rows of men and women, life size, with waddies, boomerangs, spears, and nulla-nullas” (Campbell).

At the eastern end of the rock platform is a long and quite unusual engraving which is crossed by many pecked dotted lines. It was described by Campbell as “a large curious-looking figure fifteen feet long, which has the appearance of a caterpillar or grub”.

A kangaroo or wallaby intersects this grub-like figure, and next to it is a turtle.

Near the small turtle is what seems to be a swamp hen, which is not shown on the site sketch.

More info:

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