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AWAT1170 LR Trail Finder
The Leggy Point Loop combined with an unofficial loop around Little Redhead Point offers some stunning coastal views. Follow this route rather than the official route to avoid a section of walking along Scout Camp Road.
AWAT5150 LR 2 Trail Finder
A one-walk along the Little Digger Track and Two Creeks Track, from East Lindfield to Roseville. Along the way we explore a "secret cave", waterfalls and Aboriginal hand stencils.
img 5045 lr Trail Finder
One of the longer firetrails in the area, the Long Trail is also one of the nicer ones. It has views along the way and a stunning lookout over Cowan Creek at the end.
AWAT5854 LR Trail Finder
The Mackerel and Basin Loop joins the Mackerel Track and Basin Track at West Head with an off-track section along the coastline. It passes some Aboriginal sites and offers some nice views, but the Basin Track is pretty dreary.