Bouddi National Park

There are only three trig stations in the coastal Bouddi National Park, which vary from quite easy (Bombi) to quite hard (Gerrin). Somewhat unusually for a trig point, both Gerrin and Bouddi are not at the highest points in the area. 
AWAT6134-LR TS10862 BOMBI (66m)
The easiest-to-reach trig station in Bouddi NP; the base of the trig station is in thick scrub near the edge of the cliff at the end of the Third Point Trail.
Distance: 3.8km return from Grahame Drive.   Ease of Access: Easy
View: Nice coastal views from trig station
History: Last inspected N/A

Location: 33°31’22.9″S 151°25’00.0″E.
More info: Bombi Moor Circuit bushwalk & Geocaching Australia

Brisbane Water National Park

Some of the Brisbane Water National Park trig stations are local attractions: both the Warrah Trig and Wondabyne are the destination of two popular bushwalks.
AWAT6422-LR TS10588 F UMINA (165m)
The Umina trig station was on top of this unusual water reservoir; you can see the steel post that would have held the vanes, but is now holding a radio aerial. A bushwalking trail from behind the water tower goes up to the ridge.
Distance: 0.1km from The Bastion (Umina Beach). Ease of Access: Easy
View: Nil from base of reservoir. Nice views from ridge above.
History: Last inspected July 1978

Location: S33° 31.161′ E151° 17.972′
More info: Exploring Brisbane Water with Sydney Rock Art & Geocaching Australia
IMG_6026-LR TS5606 WONDABYNE (251m)
Outstanding 360-degree views from this trig point on top of Mount Wondabyne: sweeping views toward Woy Woy and the surrounding central coast suburbs to the east, and Brisbane Water National Park and Wondabyne station to the west.
Distance: 7.4km return from Woy Woy Road. Ease of Access: Easy
View: Great 360-degree views
History: Last inspected May 1985

Location: 33°29’38.0″S 151°16’30.0″E.
More info: Pindar Caves and Mt Wondabyne bushwalk & Geocaching Australia

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