Bouddi National Park

There are only three trig stations in the coastal Bouddi National Park, which vary from quite easy (Bombi) to quite hard (Gerrin). Somewhat unusually for a trig point, both Gerrin and Bouddi are not at the highest points in the area. 

The Bombi Trig is the easiest-to-reach trig station in Bouddi NP. It's located in thick scrub near the edge of the cliff at the end of the Third Point Trail.

Brisbane Water National Park

Many of the Brisbane Water National Park trig stations are local attractions: the Warrah Trig, Lyre Trig and Mount Wondabyne are the destination of three popular bushwalks.

There are great views over Brisbane Water from the Lyre Trig, which is accessed via the short Lyre Trig firetrail.


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