Over a hundred Aboriginal sites have been recorded in the Hornsby region, with many of these in the Berowra Valley National Park and around the suburb of Berowra. The sites include engravings on sandstone ridges, rock shelters with cave paintings, open campsites and grinding grooves. The Aboriginal occupation of the Berowra Valley is thought to have been predominantly in the last 6,000 years (until European colonisation pushed them out), as the valley was deeper and steeper prior to the last ice age. 

Alston Drive
A significant Aboriginal engraving site, which has a group of men (at least eight figures) engraved on a small rock platform near the walking track.
Ease of Access: Easy
Quality: 4/5
Location: Bushwalking track at end of Alston Drive
More info: Alston Drive engraving site
Barnetts Shelter
A small number of charcoal motifs in a sandstone overhang in Berowra Valley National Park: it is not clear what they represent. One of the figures is fairly distinct.
Ease of Access: Moderate
Quality: 4/5
Location: Berowra Heights
More info: Nil
Benowie Track (Berowra Waters)
An unusual Aboriginal engraving site on a vertical rock surface, which includes a Baiame figure, and a seated Daramulum figure with an infant or small child on his lap. View sketch.
Ease of Access: Easy
Quality: 3/5
Location: Near Benowie Track.
More info: Sydney Aboriginal Rock Engravings, Sydney Rock Art & Stanbury & Clegg p.78
Berowra Waters Rockshelter
A long sandstone shelter contains multiple charcoal drawings. Above the cave on a large rock platform is an engraving of a shield.
Distance: 1.8km return. Ease of Access: Moderate/Hard
Quality: 5/5
Location: Franks Gully, Berowra Valley National Park
More info: N/A
Currawong Road
A large rock platform features a six-metre Daramulum figure, who is holding an axe (not easily visible) and has a band across his penis (suggesting circumcision, which is generally not performed in eastern NSW) or a painted band. Another male human and a half-finished figure are no longer visible. View sketch.
Distance: 100m walk from road.  Ease of Access: Easy
Quality: 3/5
Location: Bushwalking track off Currawong Road
More info: Sydney Rock Art, McCarthy (Mankind, Vol 3, No 6, Jul 1944)
Quarter Sessions Road (Westleigh)
Just behind a suburban backyard is large rock platform, on which is a small number of engravings including fish, a figure and a kangaroo.
Distance: 100m walk from road. Ease of Access: Easy
Quality: 2/5
Location: Near Great North Walk access track, from Quarter Sessions Road
More info: Pocket-Oz Sydney Aboriginal History
Washtub Gully (Berowra Waters)
Along the creek just before it reaches Berowra Waters are a number of  engravings, including a large opossum and fifteen fish (many no longer visible); some of the fish are being attacked by a bird. View sketch
Distance: 100m walk from road. Ease of Access: Easy
Quality: 3/5
Location: Along Benowie Track
More info: Sydney Rock Art, McCarthy (Mankind, Vol 3, No 6, Jul 1944)
Westleigh Aboriginal Site
A signposted site next on Quarter Sessions Road is a rock slab with an engraving depictig a pair of leaping kangaroos. The rock was relocated here from a nearby housing development to save it from destruction.
Distance: On side of road. Ease of Access: Easy
Quality: 2/5
Location: Adjacent to 280 Quarter Sessions Road (Westleigh)
More info: Hornsby Council Aboriginal Sites

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