As URLs change, I try and keep them up-to-date… unfortunately, sometimes the Web sites and resources that I’ve found useful are removed. I’ve listed these below, with a link to alternate sites.

image Dead Links :-(

Rock Art of the Sydney Basin (Facebook)
This site published many interesting Aboriginal engraving and cave art sites around Sydney; many of them were newly or newly “re-discovered” sites. The FB page was taken down in May 2021. Similar sites include:
  • Rockin’ on –  7000+ mainly rock engraving sites around Sydney
  • Sydney Rock Art – detailed photos and descriptions of rock engraving sites

emu small Dead Links :-(

Sydney Aboriginal Rock Engravings
This site by Ray Norris, an astrophysicist and science communicator, published high quality photos and detailed explanations of around 20 well-known Aboriginal engraving sites around Sydney. The site was taken down in early 2021, but is still available via the Wayback machine.