This page enables a detailed search of indigenous rock art and heritage sites, including engravings, cave art and stone arrangements.

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A significant site near Bulgandry in Kariong: "The whole group is particularly well drawn, and presents one of the best samples of this native art that the Writer has met with"
The Bulgandry Art Site Aboriginal Place is one of the most-visited engraving sites around Sydney. It's named after the prominent Bulgandry Man engraving.
A significant Aboriginal site, which would have been of great importance in the ritual and mythology of the local tribe. The site includes cave art in different pigments dating over six periods, rock engravings and axe grinding grooves.
Multiple white hand stencils and charcoal art in a tall but shallow shelter.
A small but complex Aboriginal engraving site above Coal and Candle Creek (West Head). It has 66 motifs, including 27 mundoes, and axe grinding grooves.