This page enables a detailed search of indigenous rock art and heritage sites, including engravings, cave art and stone arrangements.

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Shelter in Twin Creeks Reserve with cave paintings in red ochre and multiple hand stencils
Twyfelfontein is a significant, UNESCO listed World Heritage rock art site in Namibia. The site has over 2,000 motifs from 6,000 years ago, left by the Wilton stone age culture group and later by Khoikhoi (San people or Bushmen).
A shelter with Aboriginal rock art above the upper reaches of Mullet Creek, which has a number of motifs. As well as hand stencils, there are figures drawn in charcoal and red ochre.
A large shelter in Popran National Park, the Upside Down Man Cave has over 274 motifs, representing three engraving types.
Multiple panels of Native American rock art high above Utah Scenic Byway 279 (Potash Road) in Utah
Recorded during a field survey conducted prior to the construction of the Sydney to Newcastle freeway through Cowan, this Aboriginal engraving site was determined as being of significant anthropological significance.