This page enables a detailed search of indigenous rock art and heritage sites, including engravings, cave art and stone arrangements.

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The Howe Aboriginal Area is one of the most important ceremonial Aboriginal rock engraving sites in the Sydney area. Figures includes an enormous Daramulan and three Rainbow-Serpents.
The Hungry Trig engravings are on a small rock platform below a low cliff, surrounded by dense bush. The site has many figures including 12 ovals and three decorated men.
The Intestine Man rock art site in Utah features an anthropomorphic figure which has its intestines showing, as well as three bighorn sheep and other motifs.
A significant, signposted Aboriginal engraving site in the Royal National Park, the Jibbon Head Engravings are a short walk from Bundeena. The carvings can be seen from an elevated boardwalk with interpretive signage.