There are at least 800 known sites in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, the largest park in the Sydney metropolitan area and the home of the Darramuragal people. The sites below range from obscure and hard-to-reach engravings, to well-known sites with interpretative signage.

Speared shark (partly damaged) above the Basin Track on a low rock platform.
Along the Basin Track is a fairly deeply-cut stingray (or skate), on a small rock surrounded by dense scrub.
Single mundoe next to Berowra Track (Apple Tree Bay)
Located on vertical rock face in the Bobbin Head Marina carpark is an engraving of a fish, mammal and goanna
A large but very weathered Aboriginal site near the Bobbin Head Trig, which represents "mythological spirit beings" and a food-getting theme.
A short side-track off the Bobbin Head Trail to a signposted Aboriginal engraving site, which has a broad range of motifs.
Boomerang Cave (Apple Tree Bay) has white stencils of four hands, a boomerang and a hafted axe
An Aboriginal engraving site with five coolamons (water containers) and an axe grinding groove near the Basin Trail
A vertical Aboriginal engraving on Cowan Creek, depicting a line of men
Hand stencils, a fishtail stencil and charcoal drawings in a smoke-damaged cave on Cowan Creek
Above Cowan Creek a small and remote site with a carving of a numbat, and two spirit figures.
A newly-discovered site in Mt Ku-ring-gai, the Crawford Road Shelter has multiple charcoal motifs.
Weathered eel on top of a large boulder, near Currawong Beach
A clearly engraved site, featuring a detailed carving of an echidna and a very long line of mundoes (footprints).
The Ellis Trig North site at Cottage Point has three boomerangs, a bullroarer and a pierced seal.