Smiths Creek Engraving Site
Bird or Penguin Man or Deity Woman Woman catching fish Mundoe Snake or spear Fishing lines

Bird or Penguin

Is is a a bird or a penguin? Campbell described it as a "large bird", and McCarthy later called it a penguin.

Man or Deity

A man (McCarthy) or deity (Campbell), "with with one foot human-like, the other pointed".


Awoman, much smaller and with some detail missing. Just under the woman's leg is a "conical figure".

Woman catching fish

A woman with tiny head and up-raised arms: "the composition indicates she has caught the fish below her".


Above the woman is a mundoe.

Snake or spear

A "long sinuous snake" (McCarthy) or a spear (Campbell).

Fishing lines

A set of two parallel lines are likely to be fishing lines.