Myall Trail Animal Scene
Flat Headed Kangarooo Two Kangaroos Kangaroo Sword club Small kangaroo Curious Kangaroo Wombat Leaping male kangaroo

Flat Headed Kangarooo

A flat-headed kangaroo, carved on a steep rock surface. It has "2 conical ears, pointed chin and its head is bent forward on a broad neck; it has a humped shoulder and straight back, it's arm (almost touching the chin) is straight, then bends up and down again to a hand bearing 4 conical fingers".

Two Kangaroos

Pair of kangaroos


A leaping kangaroo at the eastern end of the rock platform - a "well shaped animal with its body parallel to the ground in a leap, but not animated".

Sword club

A sword club (or boomerang) and kidney-shaped figure.

Small kangaroo

A small and weathered kangaroo is next to what has been described as both a bird and a container.

Curious Kangaroo

A "curious kangaroo or wallaby lacking both tail and hing limb" - which may also be a koala, but it's head is pointed and flat-faced like a kangaroo.


Wombat or native cat

Leaping male kangaroo

A "magnificent leaping male kangaroo or wallaby over 8 feet long with unusually well proportioned anterior portion including the neck and head".