Mount Murray Anderson
Poorly shaped whale Large Whale Leaping Kangaroo Boomerangs Fish Shield Shield Shield Man-emu figure Leg

Poorly shaped whale

The smaller of two whales, described by McCarthy as "poorly shaped" and by Campbell as "a very inferior attempt". The whale has a small mouth, and a small tail with two pointed fins.

Large Whale

A "well shaped whale", with a "large conical head sloped downward, large mouth open, equal length pointed jaws... well posed with pectoral fins correctly placed but the tail is too deeply indented".

Leaping Kangaroo

A leaping kangaroo which is "a little animated and looks like a pregnant doe". The posterior of the kangaroo is fairly clear, but the head and front leg is very weathered.


Campbell described two boomerangs, but three boomerangs are carved into the sandstone.



Two shields are also in close proximity: this one has two tranverse lines (as depicted by Campbell).


Shield with one transverse line (Campbell depicted both shields as having two transverse lines).


Third shield (near whale) with no lines.

Man-emu figure

A large "composite human-emu figure", whose head has weathered away. Its front foot is facing backwards.


A man's leg and penis, "clearly cut in the hard rock".