McCarthy Group IV
Leaping wallaby Bird Two Eels Eel Oval Woman with Digging Stick Curved Bird Ovals Axe Grinding Grooves Shield Eel Man Echidna Echidna

Leaping wallaby

A leaping wallaby, 4' 6" long with a pointed triangular face, no eyes, one ear, conical foreleg pointed forward, convex back, concave belly line continued to incurved and truncated hind leg, straight tail in line with back.


A bird, 15" long, with conical head no eyes, round ended wings straight out from the body, right wing long than left, conical rump, pair of conical legs, posed with wings open and about to lift from the ground.

Two Eels

Two of three adjacent eels; these are 2'6" and 2'9" long. One has three bars across its body, and the other five bars


The third eel is 2'6" long, with no bars across its body


One of five ovals around this part of the rock platform

Woman with Digging Stick

A woman (3' tall) is holding a long digging stick (4'6" long). The woman has a half-oval head, two eyes (vertical on left side of head), slightly curved arms half upraised, five fingers on right hand, round-ended left arm, rounded breasts pointing outward, incurved sides of body and outspread thin legs.An intagliated vagina projects beyond the outline of her crotch.

Curved Bird

A bird (4' long) with a long beak, oval head, no eyes, oval body and short bent leg with one toe.


Three ovals (23" and 24" long)

Axe Grinding Grooves

Eleven axe grinding grooves next to a small pothole


A shield (4'10" long) with two transverse lines


Head of an eel


Man (4'3" tall) with half-oval head, no eyes, 5-rayed headdress, long neck, straight arms upraised, short straight legs wide apart, rounded ended right foot outward, left leg truncated, big conical penis with a bar in the middle.


Echidna (3'10" long) with long pointed head, no eyes, humped back, rounded rump, conical fin-like legs.


One of a pair of echidna (2'10" long) with conical head, pointed vertical foreleg, pointed hind leg, pointed rump, no eyes