Lyre Trig Sim Series
Fish (Series 11) Tall Man (Series 10) Man or Emu Spirit (Series 10) Shark or Marine Creature (Series 4) Snakes (Series 4) Indeterminate Figure (Series 4) Wallaby (Series 6)

Fish (Series 11)

A fish, with "pointed head, oval body, two eyes, two fins opposite one another one of which is attached to the outline, good tail at angle to body, as if swimming".

Tall Man (Series 10)

Tall man with "half oval head, no eyes or neck, straight arms slightly upraised".

Man or Emu Spirit (Series 10)

A "composite emu spirit figure of the Daramulan type" according to McCarthy and oiginally described as a man by Ian Sim. The figure is carved in profile, with a convex head, truncated or open beak, no eyes and a leg bent downward at a right angle close to its body.

Shark or Marine Creature (Series 4)

A shark (Ian Sim) or "marine creature" (Fred McCarthy), with a broad conical head, a pair of conical fins near its head and a round ended dorsal fin. Within the figure is an oval and two mundoes.

Snakes (Series 4)

A snake, with "pointed ends curved outward in opposite directions".

Indeterminate Figure (Series 4)

An indeterminate figure, described as having two ovals (which could be fins or flippers) attached to the junction of its body and tail, and a long elongated body.

Wallaby (Series 6)

A weathed wallaby below the Lyre Trig: it has a "comical face, no eyes, 2 pointed ears, broad neck, broad body with hump over hind quarters... standing with body parallel with the ground as though feeding".