Lyre Trig Sacred Site
Man with Fish or Seal Shark or Whale Mundoe Kangaroo and Fish Oval Fish Eel and Fish Eel Fish Eel Axe Grinding Grooves Fish with Eggs Dolphin or Whale Man with Boomerang Fish

Man with Fish or Seal

Man with outstretched arms. Touching the man is a fish or seal.

Shark or Whale

A whale or shark: it is nine feet in length, with two fins and two bars across it's body. It's holding a fish in its mouth, of which only the tail end is projecting.


Kangaroo and Fish

A "poorly shaped" kangaroo, with very broad body and posed either standing or leaping. Overlapping the kangaroo are three fish and a gnarl container.


Oval with two sets of lines (which also looks like a stingray).


Fish (5' 7" long) with long oval body, pointed head and two fins (dorsal and ventral). A "narrow elliptical figure" is attached to its head, but covered by vegetation.

Eel and Fish

Eel (6' 3" long) with no eyes and fish with broad oval body.


Eel (4' 6" long) with no eyes


Fish (4'  long) with long pointed head, four dorsal fins and three central fins.


Fat bodied eel (4' 6" long). No eyes.

Axe Grinding Grooves

Axe Grinding Grooves around a small waterhole

Fish with Eggs

Narrow fish (2' 3" long) with one fin neat large tail. Below the fish is a circle of nine pits "which may represent a clutch of eggs".

Dolphin or Whale

Dolphin or whale (11' long) - it was originally described as a whale). Conical head, two eyes, 2 representing those on the lower jaw of a whale, one long dorsal, pair of pointed teats on ventral surface and Wide tail.

Man with Boomerang

Man (5' 9" tall) with half-oval head, no eyes or neck, right arm straight out and left arm upraised. He is holding a returning boomerang in his right hand and a sword club in his left half. Across his waist belt are two more boomerangs.


Fish (2' 3" long) with pointed head