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Shields Shield Small Man Koala Fish Shield and Fish Goanna Shield Boomerang Group of Fish Two fish Adult Emu Young Emu Whale Ancestral Being Eel and Shield


Two of three shields in a group


One of three shields in a group (this one is the most weathered)

Small Man

A man only about three feet in height, "in a stepping posture, with his hands above his head". He has a tiny half-oval head, no eyes or neck, arms upraised. He has a straight right leg with bifurcated foot vertically downward, left leg bent at pointed knee, concave and conical foot outward as if stamping or tapping the ground in front of him, conical penis".


A"koala bear" posed as though climbing a tree and with a large human-shaped foot.


Large fish (6' 6" long)

Shield and Fish

Shield and fish with "pointed head, no eyes good tail".


Goanna with a "long, conical head" and fin-like legs.


A "poorly shaped" shield


Narrow boomerang (18" long)

Group of Fish

Group of fish; are all different shapes and sizes.

Two fish

Pair of bream-like fish

Adult Emu

Large emu (11 feet high) standing upright, with "an irregular neck as if swallowing food"

Young Emu

Young emu with a conical head bent downwards as if feeding and three pointed toes on its foot.


A large whale (25 feet long) with long, conical head and a small (open) mouth

Ancestral Being

An enormous ancestral (19 feet long), which has a human foot on its hind leg, and has a bag of magical quartz crystals held or suspended from its fore-limb. A head decorated with a rayed head-dress was added later, and is superimposed on the long neck of of the deity.

Eel and Shield

An eel (with four bars across its body) and a man with upraised arms and a long straight-sided body.