Bondi Golf Course engravings
Turtle, fish and boomerang Humans and Fish Large Man Tail of a kangaroo Whale Mundoes Fish and Sword Club Fish

Turtle, fish and boomerang

A four-metre long turtle, with two flippers. Inside the turtle is a fish, and within the outline of the fish is a non-returning boomerang.

Humans and Fish

Two human figures, thought to be a man and woman, and two fish, one of the possibly a flathead.

Large Man

A large man with half oval head and truncated arms. His pointed penis is half the length of his leg, and Campbell suggested this figure may be "a compound figure, part man and part iguana [goanna]".

Tail of a kangaroo


The central figure of the site is a whale, with a long oval body, which is eight metres long. It is missing a head, and part of its fin.


Sixteen mundoes in two lines were documented on the site; most of these are now covered by vegetation and only a few are still visible.

Fish and Sword Club

A pair of fish and a sword club.


Near one of the whale's fins is another fish, it's body being gradually reclaimed by the vegetation.