Sketch of Bobbin Head lower engraving site
Woman Man or Deity Fish Emu Snake Fishing Spear Shields and Fish Eel Fish Indeterminate Figure Phalanger Skate, eel and jellyfish Wombat Wombat and Snake Kangaroo and fishing line


Woman (6' 6" in height) and is decorated with a 7-strand necklace, and two chevrons across her body, as well as two shorter stripes on her belly.

Man or Deity

Man or spirit being (10' tall) with three vertical bars close together on the right hand side of his chest.


Fish with no head or fins


An emu ten feet in height, with a long pointed beak and head.



The snake has twelve bars across its body.

Fishing Spear

A long 3-pronged fish spear (over 17 feet or five metres in length)

Shields and Fish

Two shields and a fish (the line is the fishing spear)



Fish is next to the eel.

Indeterminate Figure

An indeterminate figures, described as "marine creature"


At the top of the rock platform is a phalanger (possum or glider) in flight.

Skate, eel and jellyfish

Three figures described as a skate or stingray (with a single tail-line), an eel and a jellyfish with "three conical projections at the end".


The first of two wombats.

Wombat and Snake

The rear wombat has a "sinuous snake" across its body.

Kangaroo and fishing line

A leaping kangaroo, which is missing its head. While the kangaroo looks like it has been speared, it was described as having a fishing line running across it.