Site sketch of Arden Trig Aboriginal engravings
Man and Wife Pair of Men Echidnas Wallaby Shield and Boomerang Man Fish Axe Grinding Grooves

Man and Wife

standing next to each other: the man is 6' tall with a sword club across his waist while the woman is 4' tall.

Pair of Men

Two men, described as a "pair of unusual figures". Both are wearing girdles, one has arm-bands and the penis on both figures is pointing upwards


A pair of male and female echidnas in file.


A leaping wallaby in the middle of the platform, which is very weathered.

Shield and Boomerang

A clearly defined shield with line design and dotted decoration all over its surface, and a (returning) boomerang.


A man in an "active pose"


Bream-like fish (above man)

Axe Grinding Grooves

Six parallel axe grinding grooves