America Bay Sites
Daramulan Boomerang and mundoe Iguana Man Fish Fish


A representation of Daramulan who is over six metres long and a metre wide. Within the Daramulan figure is an oval-bodied skate, or stingray.

Boomerang and mundoe

Below his foot is a boomerang, and next to the boomerang is a mundoe (another seven mundoes above the figure lead away from the rock towards Topham Hill


Below the Daramulan's foot is another goanna (Campbell uses the term iguana, a term used by the early European settlers for monitor lizards, which eventually became corrupted into the word “goanna”).


A man with “broad shoulders, outspread arms slightly upraised"; he is very weathered and hard to make out.


A small distance away, but on the same rock platform, is a second fish (described by McCarthy as a leatherjacket).


Next to the Daramulan figure is a bream-like fish (“no eyes, poor tail, arc across body, and an arc 19″ long along its top side”)

A small engraving site above a small waterfall depicts man who is striking a wallaby (the man is very faint). This is a separate site some distance away.