Basin sitemap
Man's Legs Man Male Anthropomorph Man Man and Woman Man with fish Couple Moon (or boomerang) Fish Leaping wallabies Wallaby and Fish

Man's Legs

Two legs and "long, conical penis" - rest of figure is missing


A male figure with broader left arm, and an odd-looking right foot.

Male Anthropomorph

A man (described as a male anthropomorph figure by Sim) has a long narrow object projecting from his head, and a fish within the outline of his body. A large fish (six feet in length) is next to the man.


The second man (in a group of three figures) has no eyes or neck, and four pointed figures on each hand.

Man and Woman

At the north-east corner of the site are two men, and a woman. The largest figure, a man has a four-rayhed headdress and is holding a broad fish in his right hand, and a sword club (boomerang) in his left hand. The woman has breasts, but no hands, feet or genitalia.

Man with fish

A man with a fish next to his right leg.


An intertwined couple (man and woman): early descriptions of the site (McCarthy and Sim) describe a sword club or boomerang above the man and woman, and don’t suggest any connection between the couple and the boomerang. However, a later interpretation of the site suggests that the couple is reaching for the moon.

Moon (or boomerang)

Moon (or boomerang) above couple. (Boomerangs typically have straight sides and rounded ends, whereas the crescent moon always has a curved shape and pointed ends.)


Single fish (near boardwalk)

Leaping wallabies

Two wallabies (or kangaroos) in a series of seven

Wallaby and Fish

First wallaby (or kangaroo) in a series of seven, next to a fish